Life updates

So this is mainly a reflection for my first half of 2018.

It has been a rough time since the 2nd year of uni starts in the end of February. I really set myself with a high expectation. The past couple exams periods are nightmares for me which I could never forget. I have been rushing so bad to cover all the material for exams that
I haven’t touch for the whole semester. So I thought that this is not gonna work. I can’t be like studying extremely hard only before the exam period and worrying about fail the exam. Yet it seems like to be another loop, with final in just a month.

Gym hasn’t been going too well. I hurt my bicep tendon so I couldn’t do too much of upper body workout. But it gives me time to correct some of my movement patterns. I can do upper body exercises slow and with control. Unilateral movements are the major part of the workout as I realize
my left part of body is really comparably weaker than the other. Reason that I think gym was going well is because the frequency. I don’t have a plan for the weekly workout. Because of the injury, now I have an excuse to skip some days that I feel tired. Which doesn’t happen quite often since I started workout.

Anyways, next time when I write will be after the final. I will do a bit of digging on ruby gem and some basic css. Good luck with final!!