Fourth post

Hey so the old question comes back again should I BULK or CUT?

I thought I solved this earlier this year when I realize without strength. I couldn’t do shit for bodybuilding. Well, at least it will progress really slow. But now I am still falling into this trap of cutting.

It was one day when I took normal post-gym pic and I realize my belly fat was fucking huge. That even I tried my best to inhale I just can’t hide it. Then I just looked myself in the mirror? Why am I working out? Shouldn’t it be making my body looks better? But now I make myself a fat piece of shit shirtless. My dieting was pretty fucked up. Only roughly estimate the daily protein intake. Eating tons of protein. Being a starving cunt on all the soft drinks and fast food.

It’s just the bulking , I used it as a reason to let me down. I actually wouldn’t need that much calorie especially from junk food. Yeah I guess it is a time for a change,instead not making so many excuses. There is not much time left this year before I can show my effort to my parents and friends.

Back to the training, It’s being tough especially for squat and OHP. The linear progression just stopped last week for OHP as I couldn’t do a 3*10 for 40kg. I think this program is great as it cover all the main lifts. And I think after this week I gonna go back to it again.

Current weight: 80KG