Third post

Hey so after all this mass half sorted (moving to a new place mainly), I have completed my first well actually second week of GZCLP program.
The reason I said it was the first week is because I used same weights for the compound movements. The same strugle though for the Tier2 movement as they require higher reps. For both deadlifts and squats I failed to finish the 30 reps as required. Will see how this go for the next week.

The dieting plan was pretty messed up. I didn’t set up a calorie goal and I haven’t use the scale to weigh my food. Also I ate a lot of junk food and soft drinks even alcohol smh. It would be hard to start the new dieting plan aka bulking plan for this stages because I wasn’t live alone but instead with bunch of my friends. We sometimes food for 4 persons together. I guess it would be sort out sometime later as dieting is indeed very much a crucial part for my bulking.