Second post

So I have been doing a whole month of new PPL program along with the new dieting plan after this Saturday.

Well it is a great job done but also I need to think about making a few changes to the program for the
sake of consistency.

Because I’m also on cutting so it is always being a challenge to add more weight each session of every workouts I do. Even though I tried my best but the weight is only increasing very slowly. Currently my PR is bench 65kg 3RM , OHS 45kg 5RM , deadlift 70kg 5RM, squat 100kg 5RM. There isn’t much of increase after I finished stronglift. One of reasons to explain is because I started to to isolation movement and it definitely add more volume which leads to slow recovery for the next session.

I think for now I will at least maintain my dieting plan for another 2 months to see how it goes if I still couldn’t lift more then I will switch to a phuckable physique bulking plan lol. Yeah my belly fat is still there and doesn’t seem to decrease a lot. The 500 calorie deficit doesn’t guarantee a 4 pounds weight lost per month. I didn’t follow my diet too strict but I think overall I have at least 300 calorie deficit everyday. The fat loss will take some time and I just have to be patient about that. There’s no sudden miracle of body. For the next 2 months. I will also be using a weight scale to track my weight. So that I know if my dieting works or not by the weekly progress.

ps: was gonna add a pic but just too lazy to do this(post workout syndrome)
pps: also need a program countdown but it is javascript base so fml